The Top 6 Reasons to Choose a Custom-Built Wardrobe

Overlooked wardrobes get a makeover!

A wardrobe is one of the most essential parts of a home, however, they are often overlooked in new builds or renovation budgets. Having an easy-to-access practical space to reach for your every-day items along with a designated area for storing your non-essentials can be the difference between making it to work on time and coming up with a new excuse every day!

With so many pre-made options available, why should you choose a custom-built wardrobe? While our expert wardrobe specialists can assist you with your decisions of colour and style, we’ve compiled a list of what we consider to be the top 6 reasons to go with a custom-built wardrobe for your storage needs.

1. Versatile Organisation

The best part of having a custom-built wardrobe is without a doubt, having the freedom and flexibility to organise your space to your personal requirements! Maybe you require extra space for your plethora of shoes? Or, perhaps, you’d like additional long hang to accommodate all your summer maxi dresses! We have a wide selection of wardrobe accessories available to assist you in organising your space. No matter your needs, a custom-built wardrobe offers you the versatility to design a space that keeps all your belongings perfectly organised!

2. A Perfect Fit

A custom-built wardrobe can not only offer the joy of a streamlined aesthetic, with a custom design, you can have a wardrobe built to fit even the most awkward of spaces in your home. Unlike a pre-made or freestanding wardrobe, a custom-built wardrobe is made to fit every inch of space, well, perfectly!

3. Custom Design

Are you a person who desires a wardrobe to be a haven that oozes opulence and luxury? Or maybe, you prefer a classic and understated aesthetic that provides nothing more than a practical space for storage and organisation? One of the top benefits of a custom-made wardrobe is having the freedom and flexibility to design things your way! With an abundance of colour choices, surface finishes and textures, you can be guaranteed that your custom design will fit flawlessly with your room furniture and style!

4. Durability

Unquestionably, a custom-built wardrobe offers a durable, longstanding solution to your storage needs. With quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, the value and care that is synonymous with the Hills Robes & Screens team of experts is such that you won’t find in a mass-produced flatpack or superstore. You can be assured that you’ve got a wardrobe that will last a lifetime.

5. Value-Added Investment

With the property market booming, who doesn’t like finding ways to add value to their home? Having a quality custom-built wardrobe installed, with functional storage, adjustable shelving, and practical drawers, can be a selling point that helps your home stand out from the rest. If you’re thinking of selling in the future, a wardrobe upgrade could be a worthwhile investment to your property.

6. Budget Flexibility 

A custom-built wardrobe may not be as expensive as you think! At Hills Robes & Screens, we use shelving style, rather than cabinetry, for our wardrobe interiors. This can slash the price of a custom build, meaning, you can set a budget and design a wardrobe to your storage requirements without breaking the bank!

So, if you are after a long-lasting wardrobe solution that is designed to suit your needs and sense of style, then a custom-built wardrobe may be for you. With endless configurations and flexibility of budget, these are just some of the reasons that this home investment could be right for your home.

If you wish to talk with an industry expert about your wardrobe goals or renovation ideas, feel free to call the team Hills Robes & Screens. Our fantastic team members are here to help!

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