Your Top 6 Questions Answered About Your Wardrobe Reno or Refurb!

Rip-out, refurb, replace, or renovate? Where to start with your wardrobe upgrade!

It’s the age-old scenario – you’ve just bought a new (old) house that is in need of some love. It’s time to plan the wardrobe renovation, and you’re not sure where to start. Typically, older-style built-in and walk-in wardrobes were made up of a single shelf with a hanging rail below. This was adequate for the small amount of clothing and belongings that most people had at the time. But these days, for most of us, it just won’t do the job anymore.

The main goal when refurbishing your wardrobe should be to maximise the useable space, both in the wardrobe and in the bedroom. In many cases, the storage space of older-style wardrobes can be almost doubled with a few smart modifications. To help with your planning, we’ve answered your top 6 questions with solutions and explanations so you get the results you want.

1. Do you want to install a new wardrobe into an existing space?

Installing a new wardrobe into an existing space can be a cost-effective way to satisfy your storage needs, increase the value of your home, while staying within a budget. The age of your house (or how recent the last renovation took place), will determine the canvas you have to work with. Typically, older-style wardrobes were built with a top shelf at a height of 1700mm, and built-ins had an enclosed bulkhead. This limited access to the top shelf and reduced the storage capacity of the wardrobe space. In addition, swing robe doors were common, and can intrude into the floor space in the room. But, don’t let that put you off! Hills Robes & Screens can create a storage solution to fit within any budget and meet your needs. Read on for more answers!

2. Do you want to rip out your existing wardrobe and start again?

Sometimes the best option for your wardrobe upgrade is to rip out the existing robe and start from scratch. Removing the old wardrobe interior will most likely damage the internal walls of the alcove. Hills do not install backs on their wardrobes, so, these bare walls will become the backs and sides of your new robes (for more information on shelving style v’s cabinetry, take a look at our blog). If you are not much into DIY, it would be best to employ a skilled handyman who is able to do the removal work, plus plaster patching and painting, prior to your wardrobe install.

Similarly, if you want to extend the height of your new wardrobe by removing the bulkhead to open the doors up higher, it would also require a handyman with building experience to cut the plaster and retrim the opening.

3. Do you want to replace swing doors with sliding robe doors?

Sliding robe doors have a smaller footprint size than swing doors, maximising valuable floor space in your room. However, older-style swing doors were often built with narrower door jambs (modern door jambs are approximately 92mm wide). To accommodate this, Hills can supply and install a narrow track wardrobe system, which enables you to install a double door sliding system in a door jamb as narrow as 60mm.

If you are planning on keeping your current wardrobe interior, you will need to consider whether the existing configuration will work with your new sliding robe doors. For example, will you be able to open your drawers easily?

4. Do you want to retain your existing robe doors?

In our modern, throw-away society, we are all for restoring, reusing and upcycling. So, if you are happy with your existing wardrobe doors, Hills can install a new robe interior only. Keep in mind, though, this will need to be configured to work with your current door openings.

5. Do you want to install double hang?

The ability to install double hang is a wardrobe game changer! This can be achieved through increasing the door opening height to 2400mm, allowing for more practical storage by raising the top shelf to be 2000mm high. This gives enough height for double hanging rails, more drawers and shelving, creating much more usable space in your robe interior. Hills can design a layout for your walk-in robe that makes the best use of the space available.

6. Do you want to retain your top shelf?

The extensive benefits of a custom-made wardrobe mean, no matter how high your existing top shelf is, Hills can install a new wardrobe interior to fit the space under your top shelf. This cost-effective solution can help you gain a bit more usable space in your wardrobe, with the team at Hills on hand to help you configure an interior design specific to your requirements.


Hills Robes & Screens are experts in their field. We understand the process of wardrobe installation, and like to make it as easy and stress-free as possible for our clients. So, whether you want to rip-out or refurb, replace or renovate, no matter your space restrictions, interior style, or budget, Hills Robes & Screens can help you design and install a wardrobe that is practical, affordable, and meets your storage needs.

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