5 Tips to Care For Your New Shower Screen

A shower screen that will sparkle and shine for years to come!

A sparkling, clean shower screen is the focal point of any modern bathroom. So, why is it that the place that’s designed to keep you clean manages to get so dirty? Believe it or not, the right care and maintenance of your shower screen can help extend the life of it, and keep it looking brand new for longer. Here are our top 5 tips for taking care of your new shower screen*.

  1. Get into a good routine of cleaning your shower screen right from when it’s first installed. Ensure that construction materials such as concrete, plaster, and paint splashes are removed before they have a chance to dry.
  2. Keep a sponge or a squeegee in the shower so you can wipe off the surfaces as you finish your shower. This will prevent the soap scum from setting, meaning you won’t have to scrub as much later.
  3. Never use abrasive cleaners such as a scouring pad, steel wool, or crème cleanser, as this will wear, damage, and cause the surface of your shower screen to look dull.
  4. For stubborn dirt, a mild dishwashing liquid can work wonders! Think – sparkling wine glasses! Clean with a soft sponge or brush. Or source out a non-corrosive, natural cleaning product.
  5. Invest in a glass treatment product such as EnduroShield. EnduroShield easy clean treatment creates a long-lasting shield on all glass surfaces which reduces cleaning time and frequency. EnduroShield repels water and contaminants, and helps protect against staining, etching and grime build-up.

*This information is offered as a general guide only. The user should conduct their own research of the suitability of alternative methods, materials or equipment, of cleaning their new shower screen before using them.

A new, stylish shower screen is sure to enhance your home, making your bathroom look brighter, lighter, and more appealing. If you’re not sure about what shower screen design is the best option for you, read up on the different styles in our blog, What Shower Screen Design is For You? , or contact the team at Hills Robes & Screens for friendly service and expert advice.

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